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How I Know My Wife Married the Wrong Person (Part 3)

on June 12, 2013


wedding 3b
Photo Credit: Suni Danielle Photography

On June 4th, my wife Lindsay and I celebrated the best two years of our lives to date. But after two years of marriage, there’s no more hiding behind chivalry. I can’t buy enough flowers. She’s seen my paycheck. I’m running out of new pet names. She’s figured out I don’t dig chick-flicks, the Gap Outlet, or hummus. And I think (this hasn’t been confirmed for certain) she knows I snore… sometimes.

In fact, she knows (and so do I) that she married the “wrong” person. All jokes aside, sin’s presence in the world guarantees it. There are only two kinds of people: (1) wrong people who think they’re right and (2) wrong people who are becoming right, through Jesus. And you’ll marry one of the two.

So I blogged about this. And because of the tremendous interest the original post drew…

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