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The Cost of Carnality-video

on July 26, 2013

My last blog post got over 1000 views and a few dozen shares on Facebook. I had not anticipated that it would be so well-received, but it would appear as though people want to hear the truth (imagine that!). That being said, I am working on my next post. Actually, I have several different directions I’m taking, so I have about 3 “outlines” going right now. However, I’m feeling a bit of pressure because I want the next post to be “successful” as well.

In the meantime, I found this sermon and listened to it this morning. Shane Idleman does a fantastic job of outlining the cost of following our carnal natures-as “Christians.” I don’t want to spoil it for you, but in case you don’t have 47 minutes to spend listening to a sermon, the main points that I took from this, that I have found to be true are these:

1) You are either influenced by Jesus or culture (you are influenced by who you surround yourself with)

2) If you live by your carnal desires (not to be confused with “occasionally falling”), but call yourself a “Christian,” you lose your influence. People like people who are authentic, not fake.

3) If you live by your carnal desires, your relationship with Jesus is tarnished. Absent. One of the points he makes is that you can’t repent, and you can’t pray. Both of which I’ve experienced before.

“The Cost of Carnality” by Shane Idleman


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