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What Love Causes Me to Do

on July 30, 2013

If you aren’t in awe when you think of Jesus dying for your sins, then you haven’t contemplated this enough. Personally, I don’t think we could ever spend enough time thinking about Jesus’s amazing love and compassion for every single one of us. 

When I hear the song, “I Can Only Imagine,” by MercyMe, I cry. I stop whatever I’m doing and spend a minute just thinking about the glory of our King. I listen to the words of this song, and I think about how wonderful it will be to meet Jesus face to face. The other day, it occurred to me that when I meet Jesus, it will feel better than my first kiss with Alex. That’s incredibly powerful, because I will live my whole life on Earth and never feel anything like that again.

But when I meet Jesus, it will be even more wonderful of a feeling. More mysterious. More loving. And more powerful. 

When I stop to think of Jesus sacrificially loving me, I realize that I want to do something for Him, too. I find that I adore Him, that I want to worship Him in every moment of every day of my life. That I want to live life according to His high standards, not the low compromises I used to make. And it has changed my life. It has to change my life.

It makes it easier to love those who hate me. (On a sidenote, the little rebel in me absolutely LOVES having people who hate me, who treat me wrong-that’s always bounced right off me. A small part of me thrives on pissing people “of the world” off.) But love is just a word. I’m talking about the action. I’m talking about praying for these people. Every. Single. Day. Because loving someone means praying for them-period. There is no other effective way to express your love to someone than to talk about them with God, to bring their needs before God, to ask Him to bless them, and to help them.

My love for Christ makes it easier to see my blessings. The clouds in the sky, as the rain comes in. My friends, who all stepped right up to the plate to bring me unspeakable joy in the midst of tremendous pain. Every day, I have so much to be grateful for, and I’m so sorry for anyone who’s known me to be negative in the past. But the past is the past, and that’s what repentance is-turning your back on that life and moving forward in Christ (Colossians 3:1-4 clearly expresses this). 

Loving Jesus has made me to seek a relationship with Him (duh…when you love someone, you want to be with them!) which is the most amazing thing ever. EV-ER! I spent 22 years without it, but I’m so thankful to discover this while I’m so young! Seriously, how many people turn their lives around while they’re still in college? I wish I could see it more often! And that’s why I plan to blog as effectively as I can. 


A small bit on Prayer:

Praying is the most spectacular expression of love you can show for someone. In the few weeks since I’ve been praying in the Spirit, so many things have happened around me, to those I’m praying for. I think things have happened in my life, as well, but that’s not my concern. I’m not selfish, I’m no longer self-centered, but instead I’m more aware of those around me, of the needs around me, near and far. And when I tell people I’ve been praying for them, it’s amazing to see the various reactions I get. To the man I love so much, who just doesn’t understand, it angers him. I just pray more. To the man who doesn’t understand but recognizes that he needs it, he’s thankful. My close friend, whose eyes teared up and said it was working, she gets it. To the friend who told me out of the blue that sh’es been praying for me, I’ll bet it warmed her heart up to see me break down and cry. Because I recognize that prayer is the best way to express love for someone.

I’m far from perfect-nowhere in this post did I claim to be that. But I’ve changed so much in such a short period of time, and it’s amazing, even to me, to see how much God will lead you, when you let Him. Plus, I already mentioned that I like to be a rebel. And in this world, just as in Jesus’s time, being a rebel in the world means following Jesus, and living as He did.  


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