a humble princess, pursued by the King, in the greatest fairy tale ever written

God is not my religion. He is my relationship.

on August 4, 2013



When you search for something, you will find anything.
When you search for someone, you will find anyone.
When you quit searching, he who is greater than any other will deliver you to the person.

I don’t believe in the right one, or the one who is perfect for you.
But I do believe that you will know a relationship is worth your every effort when his spirit is an active participant of it.

Then you realize love is a commitment rather than a fleeting emotion. Love is dirty and painful and enduring. It’s patient, kind, with self control and forgiving. Because that is exactly how god loved us. He faithfully loves us regardless of our pitfalls and nothing that we may confess will make him quit.

And if we are made in his image, then all the more we need to learn to love like him.

No one will…

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