a humble princess, pursued by the King, in the greatest fairy tale ever written

God is using me for His purposes! How awesome is that?!

on September 11, 2013

There’s something about living a godly life that the world hates. It’s been this way from the start-check out that whole serpent-Eve thing in Genesis. Jesus himself tells us that the world will hate us because of Him.

When I became a Christian, it required a complete turn around in my life. It wasn’t easy, and in some ways, it wasn’t immediate. I picked up Bible study and prayer immediately, but my views on drinking and sex took a few weeks to turn around. 

In the past 5 months, I’ve seen amazing things happen in my life. One of my longest friendships has blossomed into something incredible-something that most people never get to have. A couple others have grown closer as well. A few of my Facebook friends have read what I write and post, and they’ve started coming around (how exciting is that? God is actually using me for His purposes-as if I’m good enough for Him!) 

Also in this time, I’ve seen a couple of friendships fall back. Not everyone understands living a godly life-I mean, most people don’t. If I think about it, it makes me sad. I’m not into partying or bars anymore (I never really was, much, and I thank God for that), so it makes it hard to see these friends, what with having a busy schedule filled with godly activities and all. They’ve all been great about my new lifestyle-I mean, nobody has made fun of me for these changes, at least to my face. However, I haven’t been able to spend time with these friends because they are busy filling up on things that will never satisfy. 

The very biggest change in my life though, is how I view romantic relationships. I haven’t been interested in having one of those at all since my last serious boyfriend ended things in April (that was a really awful traumatic experience-obviously, because that’s what it takes to bring a calloused heart back to God). And I’m so grateful that I was able to fill up on Jesus and nothing else. And when it comes down to it and I come home after a looong day at school, I find that spot in my room and I hit my knees and I just want to be with Him, to draw my strength from Him. And no man will ever be able to bring me the comfort and confidence that He does.

That being said…I did come across a good man-a genuinely good young man. I have seen a few of these in my life- maybe about 10 out of 2,000. And I’m really excited…because this one is interested in me! Like…I cannot believe this is even happening-I don’t deserve something this good! But because I am a daughter of the King, my standards are literally out of this world, and it will never work out with a man who’s anything less than a brother in Christ, and one who will lead me closer to Him. I don’t know where this is going and we need to find a time to sit down and pray together (remember my stance on how praying for someone is the most effective way to show that you care)-this literally just happened. But I do know this-I’ve made my position on everything in life extremely clear. I follow Christ, and I can’t be “yoked” with someone who doesn’t. That’s a road I’ve been down-that’s something I’ve learned from. 




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