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on October 13, 2013

I don’t usually hear music that I think is exceptionally wonderful. But this summer when I was going through a really rough time, my mom bought The Band Perry’s newest album, “Pioneer.” And it. Was. Wonderful. I’ve heard those 15 songs over 500 times, and I really think I’m underestimating that number.

I go home every weekend because my parents keep my mule there for me, for free, and as a college student, that’s the only arrangement I can afford. And every weekend, my dad would play that “Pioneer” cd over and over. My first favorite song was “Back to Me (Without You)” because it’s so beautiful-and having just gone through the breakup of a very serious relationship, the lyrics spoke right to my soul. 

I also rather enjoy the song “I’m a Keeper.” A close friend told me once that she thinks of me every time she hears that song because it’s totally me-sassy and full of attitude. I took that as a compliment 😉

My current favorite song is the title track, “Pioneer.” I graduate from college in December, and I have no idea what I’ll be doing after. Besides the song’s beautiful melody and Kimberly Perry’s soothing voice, I like the song because the words speak to my sense of adventure. My parents seem to be really concerned that I’m graduating in 2 months and I haven’t found a job I like yet, but I’m cool with it. “Let your heart not be troubled.” 

I applied for a Master’s of Theology last week. That’s not related to soil science at all, but I’m hoping they’ll accept me, despite the fact that I haven’t spent my first four years of college in a seminary program.

“Where are we going? Oh I don’t care, all I know is I’ll go anywhere….Pioneer.”

3 responses to “pioneer

  1. With an open heart and a sense of adventure, who knows where the Lord will lead you. One thing I know for sure is that it won’t be boring…unless you choose to “settle” for average. We have an awesome God who likes to do awesome things…through the body of Christ – that’s you and me, little sister!

    May the Lord bless your endeavors and bring forth much fruit in its season.

    Thanks for following Lessons by Heart, too.


  2. […] pioneer ( […]

  3. I just listened to the other 2 songs you mention and at your age and so new in your faith, stand confident that God is doing a MAJOR WORK in your life right now. If that Seminary program doesn’t accept you, find one that will. Everything on God’s GREEN earth is related. I have no doubt that God can use your knowledge of soil science and your growth in His Word to turn deserts in Africa GREEN with Life, Love and His Presence. YOU tell those Seminary programs why you are an ideal candidate. Don’t think any less of yourself, you know your Heavenly Father doesn’t. He has accepted you and He will find the right place for you. I encourage you to follow your curiosity. I curiously put into Google “Soil Science and Theology” and came up with an academic paper by Roger S Gottlieb ( who studies religion and spirituality in relation to our environment ( I’m not sure I’m on the right track but there is likely a reason you studied Soil Science and something God wants to do with that. Pray. Stay curious. And most importantly, realize how far God has taken you so fast and trust that he will take you all the way…

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