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Youthful passions, lusts & indiscretions {guest post}

on November 6, 2013

I read every blog Yelena posts, and I’m very honored to be featured on her blog today!

Yelena Bosovik

pure heart

Love, relationships, marriage and all things related take up so much of our hearts, thoughts and lives. Especially for women, because we were created to love and be loved. Through my personal friendships and all the young women I’ve had the pleasure of speaking with and mentoring, the most popular topic of discussion is boys and love. 

I’ve wrote about my personal thoughts and experience with love, but today, I’d like to share another view point – of a lovely young woman who made a mistake once upon a time, but found redemption and hope in an entirely different relationship.

We serve a God of second-chances and forgiveness, don’t you ever forget that. Whatever you’re going through, whatever you’ve done in the past – when you kneel in forgiveness before Him, you will be transformed and given a brand new life. 

Thank you, Shannon for sharing your testimony. You…

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