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What if women stopped lowering their standards?

on November 27, 2013

In my efforts to be a better Christian, a better Jesus to the corrupt world around me, I watch and listen to a lot of sermons. I find that if I find my entertainment in church sermons, I have a better day/week than when I find my entertainment in, say, contemporary music or television. 

Last week, a friend posted this link       on her Facebook wall and said that all should watch/listen to this. So today as I was working on some schoolwork,I got through the first two messages.

I really, really think these messages are important to hear. There were two things that hit me the most. I’m not married, and currently I’m single for the forseeable future, but I have a past, and it follows me everywhere, still haunts me from time to time. Just today, I had an incident that brought me in tears to my knees. It’s painful. The past follows you to your future. 

The second thing came from the second message, directed mostly towards men. I despise porn. I hate everything to do with porn. I hate when I see girls that have cleavage or short shorts. So I liked this sermon where the preacher talked about how damaging porn is. One thing he mentioned was to not be in a relationship or view porn for a year and how it would make a man treat women differently. 

And I really, really like that idea. I always tell everyone I’ll be single for life because I don’t know anyone (besides Jesus) who meets my standards. And that’s true, there currently isn’t one man in my life who I could date without compromising my values. And that’s SO SAD. 

What if we woken quit accepting certain behaviors from guys? What if we told them we couldn’t date them if they think watching porn is okay? What if we, instead of accepting this as a “quirk,” told guys that we couldn’t date them if they play video games every day? What if we met a guy and told him we had to see him single for a year before we could date him? What if we stopped accepting serial daters and only chose men who are worth it, what if we patiently waited for the right guy instead of spending time and heartache on a bunch of lower class assholes? 

It’s time that we, meaning all women, “put our foot down” and stopped accepting less than what we deserve? A good man is worth the wait, but don’t think of it as waiting. Think of it as a time when you live for Jesus and only Him. Trust me, that lifestyle is so worth it! 


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