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Don’t Settle

on December 4, 2013

I took a chance. I took a big chance. 

I graduate college in just over two weeks now. I applied for, and interviewed for one position, one position only, at a company that I’m not very familiar with. This position isn’t exactly related to what I’ve studied at school, and it’s very farm-related, so no experience there either. 

While I was waiting (3 weeks!) to hear back from them, I got offers for interviews for other companies. And I turned them down, because I knew I didn’t want them. I talked with a professor I had been making graduate school plans with, and I told him I was no longer interested in continuing school at this time (unless it’s in Theology & Ministry stuff).

And I waited. My parents nagged me. They told me I needed to lower my expectations and just apply for the jobs I hated but was qualified for. Several friends sent me information here and there about jobs and help wanted information. And I didn’t follow up on a single one of them. 

And I took out my last student loan, at the last minute, expecting that I might not get this position, and I would also be unemployed because of my stubbornness. Because I was waiting out for something that I wanted instead of sacrificing my own happiness for just any ol’ job that came along. 

And I waited. And December rolled closer. And I started thinking about how underqualified I am for this position. And I started thinking about the interview, wondering if I was too honest (oftentimes, my blunt honesty catches people off-guard and they don’t know how to accept me). 

And it was Thanksgiving break. And I was supposed to hear back on this job. I was trying to get my schoolwork done, but all I could think about was focusing on trusting God. 

Because this whole time, I didn’t ask for the job. I told Got that I was interested. But what I asked Him for was guidance. I asked that He place me where He wants me. I told Him it’s okay if I don’t get this good job. I listened to Building 429’s “We Won’t Be Shaken” on repeat, to remind myself that He always goes before me, and I am not alone. Here’s a link to the song

And then I got the job offer. I’m so excited right now. I really think I would have been satisfied with either way the domino fell, because my confidence is in God, and nothing else.

But still… I have a good job to start next month! I’m so excited. And I get to work with people, which is totally going to be better than working in a room by myself to get samples processed (AKA: any other job I could’ve panicked and settled on). 


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