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I don’t give a Duck!…Dynasty.

on December 19, 2013

Ranndumm69's Blog

Ok, so GQ interviewed Phil from Duck Dynasty. Yay. Alright, so he stated his “opinion” about gays, gay sex and sin. Yay again. It turns out he favors evangelical Christianity. Wow, who knew?
So who the fuck cares? Well, apparently everyone. But seriously is anyone surprised by this? Was it really necessary for A&E to state they don’t agree with their biggest cash cow? Oh, did anyone hear that Truett Cathy is a Christian too??? I mean get real everyone. If this interview surprised you then you are a fucktard and need a hammer to your head. This guy has a right to his views. A&E should kiss the dynasty family’s asses for the $ too!
Do I agree with his opinion, no. Do I respect his right and support his right to share it, yes. This show and these reality stars are popular because A&E knew they would be…

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