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Ducks and Homosexuals and Christ! Oh my!

on December 22, 2013

Seeking Biblical Faith

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past few days, you’ve heard about the comments that Phil Robertson of the Duck Dynasty family made in regards to homosexuality. The homosexual community, those that support it, and non-Christians are very upset about his comments. If you haven’t heard the news, you can read the story here. Be mindful that the author is very opinionated and also uses quite a bit of foul language (but what else would you expect from a magazine such as GQ?) and the website has many inappropriate ads and suggested articles. After reading the article in its entirety, you might realize that the quotes that are causing a stir are taken out of context. But does what Phil Robertson say misrepresent Christianity and Jesus? 

Sex, Sin, & Logic

One of the main quotes by Phil from the interview follows: 

“It seems like, to me…

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