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Christianity 101: What’s Really in the Bible?

on December 23, 2013


It has been brought to my attention, with this whole “News Sources Crucifying Phil Robertson and Not Reporting in an Ethical or Factual Manner” thing, that many people don’t know what’s in the Bible. Now this isn’t exactly surprising, as most people do not live a Christian lifestyle. Having been called from my previous lifestyle and into this fantastic relationship with Jesus (check out some of my other “testimonial blogs), I felt that I needed to share, to the best of my ability, what’s actually in the Bible, and what Christianity is really about. This will cover mostly New Testament stuff, because while I love the Old Testament (holy Psalms!) and I know there’s some valuable stuff, being a Christian is about what Jesus did, and plus I don’t have schooling in this area so I’m feeling intimidated as it is, covering the smaller “half” of Scripture. Because so many…

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