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His Redeeming Love

on May 7, 2014

Yesterday I came across Isaiah 43 (I’m reading the Bible in chronological order and it was my scheduled reading). 

This passage is so beautiful, please look it up in any translation. Over and over God repeats how much He loves us. There’s a beautiful image about halfway through where He promises to make a new way for His sinful people- to bless them with streams in the dry and weary land. 

Over and over He promises to never let go of us- through the deep waters, and through the fires in life.

I just love everything about Isaiah 43. And when God gets to be God, that’s the best part. In my head, or maybe that’s the Spirit talking, it’s SO powerful when God is proclaiming who He is, and what He does. He is God and nobody else is; NOTHING is powerful enough to snatch us from Him, to undo what He has done. 

I got baptized on Easter. It was a really cool thing, not necessarily because it was Easter, although that symbolism is neat. The big thing for me was that April 20 mmarked one year of me coming to Christ. Through all the pain He’s been there, healing every wound. Isaiah 43 really speaks to me because I know all about Him calling me by name. I know what it’s like to be redeemed, and I stand in awe of Him every moment of every day. Because He is God, and He is good. 


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